Wonderland of Hats Competition/Fashion Show Entry Form

Have you ever seen one of those grand competitions where models strut the runway wearing the finest in Fondant-Chocolate-Icing couture? Very often, it takes an entire team to get that outfit together. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at wearable sugar art, here’s your chance to become a “Sugar Milliner”. That’s right – Edible Hats..! This contest will challenge individual (or teams of) sugar artists to design and craft a wearable hat from edible materials. The individual and team entries will be judged together; the number of people working on an entry will have no affect on the judging. You’ll be able to choose whatever style of hat you like. Everyone is sure to see the edible features of your piece, but the proof of wear-ability comes when that fabulous fondant Fedora or your captivating caramel-studded Cap trots down the runway of our own “Wonderland of Hats” Fashion Show.

Here’s a hint to potential competitors – The first step? Find your hat model!

For the Rules click here.

For more information or questions, email jrswolfe17@gmail.com.