Updated Show Info

As we get closer to convention more items will be added to this website. So you do not have to look through every page of the site to see if something has been changed or updated this page will allow you to quickly find any recent changes.  Click on the blue link to take you to the appropriate page.

4/7/17  –  Rules and Regulations for the Sugar Art Gallery are now posted.

3-20-17 – The Tentative Schedule is now available.  Just updated 4/6/17.

2-13-17 – We now have information on the Shop Owners Breakfast.

2-11-17 – Several more Vendors were added to the vendor page.

2-10-17 – The Demos and Hands-On-Classes are now on the site.

1-30-17 – We are having a Cake Challenge.  You have seen them on TV, don’t miss this opportunity to see one live.

1-20-17 – The ICES General Membership Meeting has been moved to Thursday evening, August 3rd, at 8:00 pm.

1-20-17 – Tours have been added. Tickets are purchased during the registration process.

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