Vendor Registration


 Once your contract has been accepted and approved you will be notified of your booth selection, the number of gratis registrations you are to receive and the allotment of staff badges.

After the first of the year and once the registration site is open, you will be sent a special Code Number to be used exclusively for Vendors to register themselves and their staff. Note that the individual filling out the online registration form counts as one of the allotted gratis registrations. Please do not duplicate names, by entering them as gratis registrations and again as staff. Gratis Vendor registrations do not include meal tickets.

You will also be able to make your hotel room reservations through the registration site.

Please note that staff badge individuals will not be able to participate in demonstrations or hands on classes unless they are also registered attendees. They will have admittance to the vendor floor and cake room only.

In order to receive a demonstrator’s gratuity or hands on class teacher payment, the vendor or staff individual chosen must also be a registered attendee. Each booth space receives two gratis registrations, so please make sure that if a staff member is demonstrating, they have also registered as an attendee.  Gratis vendor badges and staff badges cannot be re-issued after the vendor registration packet has been issued on-site.

Please note that only bearers of the Vendor Gratis Registration badges will be allowed to purchase demonstration tickets once you’re on site. You are not able to do this in advance.

Please pay attention to cutoff dates with regards to the various means of advertising: Show Coupon Book, Souvenir Book and Sponsorship Program.

Contact: Vendor Chairman