Demonstrator and Hands-On Class Instructor Application



Demonstrations: Demonstrators Receive $100

HOC Teachers (max. 24 students per class): 2-3  hour classes – $50 per student; 4 hour classes – $100 per student; and 6 hour classes $150 per student.

You may provide descriptions of three sessions/topics on this application.

If you would like to submit additional descriptions for consideration, contact the Demonstrations and Hands-On Class Chairmen

The show will print a 2-page handout if requested for Demonstrations only.  HOC Teachers will be required to provide their own handouts.

The Cake Hospital will be available for last minute preparation. Should the need arise to borrow from the Hospital, the instructor or their designated assistant will be asked to sign for the item. All items borrowed must be returned to the Cake Hospital upon completion of the class. The replacement cost of the borrowed item will be deducted from the instructor’s class fees payment if the item is not returned.  Consumable products cannot be taken from the Cake Hospital for classes.

The demonstrations are 45-60 minutes duration with 30 minutes (before and after) allowed for set-up and clean-up.The Hands-On Classes vary in duration and will be allowed 30 minutes (before and after) for set-up and clean-up. Place your demonstration or Hands-On Class sample on the tables provided for show pieces at your earliest convenience. Seeing your finished work is most helpful for those trying to choose a demonstration to attend. As a Class Teacher or Demonstrator we encourage you to use social media to let your followers know that you will be attending the 2019 ICES Convention.

Form 115 A Guideline for all Demonstrators-Teachers 08-27-2018

By submitting this application, I am indicating I have read and understand:

  • The Demonstrator and Hands-On Class Instructor Guidelines as provided on the 2019 Arkansas ICES Convention and Show website and I agree to comply with the guidelines.
  • My application will not be considered without the proper supporting documents as described in the guidelines.  
  • Convention Demonstrators and Hands-On Class Teachers are not required to be registered convention attendees.   Only registered convention attendees and/or pass holders are allowed in the Vendor/Cake Gallery area or to attend demonstrations and/or classes.
  • The Remuneration for Demonstrators is $100; for Hands-On Classes (max. 24 students) – 2-3-hour class-$50/student, 4-hour class-$100/student, and 6-hour class- $150/student
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines shall result in a reduction of my remuneration, and the possibility of not being asked to teach at future ICES Shows.
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