Demos & Classes

In preparation for our 2018 Convention and Show in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are encouraging sugar artists  from around the globe to submit  applications to participate as instructors for our classes and demonstrations. Your demonstration or class topic can be on any form of edible confectionary (cake, cookies candies/chocolate, gumpaste, pastillage, sugar/isomalt… etc.) so long as your presentation can be done in a classroom-style space in the allotted time given.

  • Demonstrations are 1 hour in length plus set up and clean up time. As a demonstrator, you’ll receive a gratuity of $100 for sharing your talents with our students.
  • Hands-on Classes come in 2 hour and some 3 hour time slots, plus prep and clean up. Class teachers will receive a fee of $50 per student, with a maximum class size of 24 students.

To optimize the number of participants for each class or demo, we will begin promoting them as soon as we finalize our agreement with each instructor. Class and Demo ticket sales will begin on April 1st, opening day of convention registration. When pre-sale closes, we continue to sell tickets on site, right up to the last possible sale time for each class or demo. Teachers are encouraged to prepare for all 24 students, but you will be required to prepare for at least 50% of the unsold tickets for your class, so we can offer on-site convention registrants a variety of choices (if 10 tickets remain, you would prepare materials for 5 extra students).

Each year, we give a number of scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships may be used to take classes throughout the year, but also for classes during the convention. However, scholarship recipients can only select classes taught by instructors on our ICES Approved Teacher list. Even if you do not teach at the upcoming convention, we encourage all potential instructors to apply for inclusion on the list. Designation as an ICES Approved Teacher gives ICES scholars access to your classes all year long.

We also submit our annual program to the American Culinary Federation (ACF) for accreditation of all demos and classes, where ACF members can earn continuing education points. This provides every instructor with another audience that may be interested in taking demos and classes for points.

All instructors are welcome to participate in the full convention as a registered attendee. Registering for the convention will allow you to take classes and demos, yourself, plus participate in other features of the show.

We hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity to apply as an instructor for the 2018 ICES Convention and Show.  Although we can’t guarantee that every applicant will be selected, your applications will give us the chance to become familiar with your work and specialties for the future. Further details about demonstrating and teaching at the 2018 ICES Ohio Convention and Show are contained within each application.  All applications must be received by Jan. 1, 2018 for consideration.

Contact:Contact: Demo Chairman or Hands on Classes Chairman