Our committee members are working hard to make sure we all have a good show. They are all Show Logo smallvolunteers giving their time and a lot of effort. They deserve a thank you from all of us and their work is appreciated. If you have questions please direct them to the appropriate area below.

Audio/Visual  – Cliff Sullivan

Banquet Ticket Exchange  – Cora Smith

Banquet Ticket Exchange  – Robin Carroll

Cake Challenge – Vicky Harlen

Cake Hospital – Judy Ryal

Cake Hospital  – Josee Legault

Cake Room – – Sue Matusiak

Century Club/Sponsorship – – Millie Green

Decorations  – Dottie Saulnier

Demonstrations – – Donna Pease and Debbie Friedman

Demo Tickets Sales/Hands-on Classes/Exchange  – Sandra Daggett

Hands-on Classes – – Titia McLuckie

Hands-on Classes – – Mary Reichelt

Hospitality – Terri Castro

Hospitality – Sherri Randell

Office Managers – – Bonnie Blackburn & Millie Green

Publicity – – Liz Marek

Registration – – Max Valbuena and Linda Fontana

Show Advisor – Fran Wheat

Show Cake – Michele Sweeney

Show Directors – – Carol Bersch and Diane Gibbs

Show Office Manager and Signage- – Bonnie Blackburn

Show Office Manager – – Millie Green

Security – Rick Bilenki

Souvenir Book – MaryJo Dowling

Souvenirs – Candy Knappenberger

Sponsorships – – Millie Green

Treasurer – – Sharon Bilenki

Vendors – – Edith & Charles Powers and Regina Bankston

Volunteers – – Sharon Briggs and Frank Hostler

Worship – Cliff Sullivan

Web Master – George Gibbs


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