Step Challenge Rules & Sign Up

2nd  Annual Step Challenge – July 27-28, 2018

Welcome! to the International Cake Exploration Societe’s 2nd Annual Step Challenge. We appreciate your participation and look forward to cheering your success at the Banquet! Thank you for signing up for the Step Challenge. May you be a great success and we look forward to celebrating your achievement at the Banquet. As a Virtual and/or Convention Participant you will follow the below instructions to complete the Step Challenge. Good Luck and success to health!


    1. Text (865)898-9110 Step Challenge Coordinator
      1. Your Full Name
      2. Your Complete Address (including City, State, Zip Code and Country)
      3. Your Phone Number
      4. Your Email Address
      5. Virtual or Convention Stepper
    2. Pay Below
    3. Track your steps on your own device on beginning Friday 7:30am eastern time July 27th until Saturday 5pm July 28
    4. Text your name and steps counted by midnight Friday, 27th and finally before 5pm July 28, Saturday to (865)898-9110 Step Challenge Coordinator
    5. To complete the Challenge you will must complete 10,000 steps.
    6. Success! Recognition!


  • You will receive your medal and be recognized at the Banquet


  • We will mail your medal to you the week after convention

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