Before You Start

Dear Applicant,

Before you begin filling out the ICES Demonstrator Application please be aware you will need the following items:

  1. One (1) photo of your class project.
  2. One (1) photo of yourself.
  3. List the types of demonstrations you have given in the past pertaining to cake decorating and the sugar arts.
  4. List all appliances or tools you will be using in your demonstration that require the use of electrical power.
  5. A brief resume that will be read by the hostess to introduce you prior to your demonstration.
  6. A copy of your handout.

Please note when uploading documents:
– All documents must be in PDF
– Document size CANNOT be more than 23MG.
(To meet the size requirement please make sure all photos are thumbnail size or remove excess photos from the PDF.)

Also note: Strong consideration will be given to applications that feature new techniques, materials or subjects that have not been presented before.
Se considerará fuertemente las aplicaciones que presentan nuevas técnicas, materiales o lecciones que no se han enseñado previamente.

If you have all the items above prepared please proceed and begin filling out the ICES:
Demonstrator Application
Fomulario de Inscripción para Demostradores

Contact: Demo Chairman